About Us

About Us

ANWrangler is a division of Wrangler Instruments specialized to the US Market. We are proudly owned and operated in Webster, Texas. Our management team has 10+ years of healthcare experience here in the US. We specialize in selling surgical equipment to clinics, hospitals, other medical facilities, and surgical centers throughout the United States.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a seamless one-stop shop for individuals and organizations in the medical industry looking for information on or to purchase surgical equipment.

We strive to provide these stakeholders the best customer experience, a trove of useful information, and most of all a reliable partner to their business. To achieve these lofty goals we consult various industry-experts for guidance on current and future trends in the OR.

About ANWrangler USA

We aim to create the most value for our customers by leveraging our 30-year+ history manufacturing our own supplies and our experience serving key markets like Germany. By vertically integrating to distribute our own equipment and cut out the middle-man, ANWrangler is able to provide high-quality equipment at more economical rates with even shorter shipping times and greater flexibility. This emphasis on quality and customer service allows us to be a proud supplier of the United Nations.

ANWrangler uses the highest-quality Japanese steel to ensure the utmost quality for our customers. ANWrangler has unique approval to produce single-use, disposable single-use tools, and reusable tools. We offer reusable tools through our value & premium product lines. We can also provide customized tool sets and provide specialized equipment sets, at the customer’s request.

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